Rebellion Against the Machine?

Everyone contains a certain level of bias in their perspective, but that is to be expected when you are dealing with humans in general. We are inherently limited by our limited exposure to the world, and indeed to the truth in general. Thus, there will always be a discrepancy between what any one person believes is the truth, and what the truth actually is. This problem is further compounded by people who do not seek to establish any kind of truth to others, merely to further their won agenda and narrative. The largest problem in the world today when it comes to cognitive dissonance is the fact that institutions which had been assigned the role of providing truth and  perspective have instead become known as the greatest purveyors of dishonesty and misinformation. When such a thing occurs, as it has repeatedly throughout history, then what emerges are groups or movements which heavily characterize themselves as opposition to the ‘establishment” and thus distinguish themselves as the rebel fighting back against the machine. In such an environment however, a large variety of different people and institutions will bear label with the term “establishment” even when they are opposites of one another. The term does not have a clear and concise definition because the groups using the term don’t agree on the definition even amongst themselves, and thus the movement against the established power structure is muddled and disorganized as they fight amongst themselves to determine who  the “true enemy” is. Mix all of these things in together with the advent of the internet allowing ideas to flow globally and instantaneously, and you find yourself in the situation we are currently in.  Once people haver found themselves an ultimate truth, it is hard for them to forego that truth even when presented with evidence to the contrary. The Machine understands that, which is why they take advantage of it. Even machines can only go on for so long however, before they must replenish their fuel source. As long as these opposing groups never fight on common ground, the machine will continue to stay well fed.


Author: theotherworld2017

I am an aspiring artist/scientist who likes to discuss various topics, ranging from science and technology, to philosophy, history, and art. i hope to one day have my intent be deemed worthy enough to attract an audience; One can only hope. Welcome to my blog, feel free to leave any feedback about the posts or the blog in general. It would be much appreciated.

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