Welcome to the New Jungle

When it comes to warfare, thats something humans have known closely since their inception. In terms of modern warfare however, there is a clear and notable distinction. Back in ancient times there was a sense of honor and dignity whenever the topic of war was brought up, because back then there was an element of war that cold not be erased: Danger and Sacrifice. What does it mean when in our day and age the powers that be may conduct warfare utilizing weapons that can preform all of the same tasks that humans can do (even better in some cases) all while not having to worry about those tolls objecting to their orders? Machines incapable of individual agency, merely preforming what is asked? That is the jungle we’re dealing with now, and I’m not sure we as a species are fully capable of accepting the responsiblity for such technology. I hope I’m wrong in my assumption, but time will tell if thats the case or not. The way that things are going, id say we won’t have to wait much longer.


Author: theotherworld2017

I am an aspiring artist/scientist who likes to discuss various topics, ranging from science and technology, to philosophy, history, and art. i hope to one day have my intent be deemed worthy enough to attract an audience; One can only hope. Welcome to my blog, feel free to leave any feedback about the posts or the blog in general. It would be much appreciated.

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