The Universe of Dreams: A World of Symbols

Ive always found it interesting to ponder and ask questions about the nature of dreams. What’s always intrigued me the most however, is the fact that there is a practice dedicated  solely to understanding and interpreting the meaning behind them. This practice focuses on specific items and symbols within dreams to be universal representations of the same thing regardless of who is having the dream. For example, no matter which dream a white dove appears in, it is always regarded as a representation of pacifism and peace.

The notion that you can interpret symbols the same way regardless of who sees them seems counterintuitive from my perspective. Wouldn’t it make more sense that any images and symbols that are observed within dreams should be interpreted within a cultural perspective? As it is culture that ultimately defines what a symbol represents, and what images and characters should be used as a symbol? Perhaps I am having a misconception about the field, and i have only read dream interpretation books meant for people who read in the western hemisphere. That would explain the seeming universality of symbol interpretation within an individual culture.

It is in light of all this that i have decided to research what symbols are used to represent the same concepts within different cultures. Who knows, the may even provide insight on which symbols can truly be considered as universal metaphors conveying something that all humans can understand, regardless of culture.


Author: theotherworld2017

I am an aspiring artist/scientist who likes to discuss various topics, ranging from science and technology, to philosophy, history, and art. i hope to one day have my intent be deemed worthy enough to attract an audience; One can only hope. Welcome to my blog, feel free to leave any feedback about the posts or the blog in general. It would be much appreciated.

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