The Imperfection of Perfection

Within our world today the vast majority believe that their purpose does not lie on this earth, but in something much greater. A divine will that propels them forward to enact a message across space and time, ultimately to be rewarded with a world in which there exists no suffering, no loss, a veritable utopia. They aspire to reach the apex of existence, and acquire perfection. Every time I’m presented with this message, i respond with one simple statement.

The notion of perfection is imperfect.

You see, the universe did not impart imperfection upon man’s nature, man’s nature unto itself created imperfection the moment man created perfection. A way of projecting our “soul”beyond the limitations of the body, and of nature. Man perceived conflict as a reflection of a corrupted world, instead of the means by which man distinguishes himself from one another by means of battle. Man perceived suffering as the conception of a wicked force or energy, instead of recognizing that it is  man’s will that gave birth to meaning, which spawned suffering as man copes with not having total control over one’s life, or death. Man created perfection as a means of escaping his own nature. When pressed however man merely speaks of freedom from imperfection, instead of defining what perfection truly is.

There is a simple reason for this.

Because the notion of perfection is imperfect.

Man is not a static being, he cannot be fully encapsulated within his nature by merely focusing on a snapshot of time. Man is a being of change, a being in which perfection can suddenly be perceived as imperfection, as perfection was no longer capable of fulfilling  his desire for growth. Man does not seek perfection, what man seeks is purpose; which at times manifests as the idea of perfection.  Perfection is determined by what man sees as imperfect, and because man is a being of change, and variety, perfection is always imperfect towards the nature of man.

That is why the notion of perfection is imperfect. Because what makes man man, is how he responds to imperfection, and finds purpose within the imperfect.

That is what man truly is.




Author: theotherworld2017

I am an aspiring artist/scientist who likes to discuss various topics, ranging from science and technology, to philosophy, history, and art. i hope to one day have my intent be deemed worthy enough to attract an audience; One can only hope. Welcome to my blog, feel free to leave any feedback about the posts or the blog in general. It would be much appreciated.

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