A Universe of Ideas: Philosophical Absurdity

I used to be an avid reader of philosophy, as a child id find myself asking some questions about the nature of reality which were purely in the abstract realm.

Questions such as : Why does order exist? Why does color exist? What does exist even mean?

As i have grown older however, a part of me has grown to almost resent philosophy; as that part of me regards it as the metaphorical equal to the Theater of the Absurd. As in, there are many philosophical questions that have been presented throughout the ages in which the questioners themselves know there exists no answer for.

What point is there in asking a question there exists no answer for? There is none, its absurdity. It is this feeling that repelled me away from the realm of philosophy, and instead catapulted me into the world of science and nigh-definitive answers. Even those within schools of thought that regard truth and answers in of themselves as merely constructs of thought, they have no way of bridging the paradoxical gap that holding the opinion “there are no opinions” is in itself an opinion and thus self-defeating.

Maybe there in lies a point however, that recognizing what is and is not absurd is the basis for constructing one’s individual perception of reality. Perhaps that is why some of the greatest thinkers asked questions they knew there ¬†was no answer for, so that others may begin the journey of distinguishes for themselves what is and is not absurd. That even within a universe that is seemingly operating off some semblance of order, there can still exist absurd and paradoxical elements of reality that no amount of order can resolve.

As you can see, I could speak all day on this topic, yet wold never reach a full conclusion one way or the other. Does that make this entire post absurd as well? Is the imposition of meaning absurd? Perhaps, but that is what makes the world so interesting. That is what i finally realized. What fun would it be to have a world in which there exists no mystery, no absurdity, no meaningless questions?

That would be one dull and boring place, almost to the point of absurdity.